About Chic India Tours
Providing Exclusive Archaeological Tours of India

Chic India Tours is a new venture from the experienced travel company Intra World Travels & Tours, Inc. Our aim is to provide the world with exclusive tour itineraries that showcase the architectural marvels of ancient and modern India.

With close association with India's foremost archaeologists, we are proud to help you discover ancient sites and participate in uncovering history at first hand.

Travel Arrangements

Chic India Tours works closely with Intra World Travels & Tours, Inc to make air travel arrangements. All travel within India and lodging accomodations are managed by Chic India Tours. Chic India Tours customer service is available 24 hours a day for bookings as well as inquiries while on tour in India. You can rest assured that someone will be available to assist your throughout your unique archaeological tours experience.

With close association with India's foremost archaeologists, we are proud to help you discover ancient sites and participate in uncovering history at first hand.

Who we are
  • Dial V. Gidwani
    60 years experience

    After working with Air India for about three decades and living in many different countries such as Spain, Hong Kong, Japan and France, Dial Gidwani decided to move to America and start his own travel agency with the knowledge he gained from working with Air India. He pondered the idea of moving back to India but it did not offer the same opportunities that America did in the travel market. Since Intra World Travel and Tours was established in 1985 in Evanston, Illinois, the business has been flourishing in the travel market. Dial, thus has a total of over 50 years’ experience in the travel business.

    Ajay Gidwani
    30 years experience

    Ajay has been in the travel industry alongside Dial for over 20 years. His responsibilities include interacting with airlines, hotels, car rental companies, and tour operators. Ajay’s extensive knowledge of the travel industry helps him attend to customers and their travel requirements. Because Ajay has traveled throughout much of the world, it helps him understand customer’s on their specific needs, whether it be a business trip to New York, or a family vacation going to Disney Land.

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  • Devender N.Puri
    33 years experience

    Devender Puri has over three decades of experience with the travel industry. A truely global professional who has held executive positions in India as well as USA. Most recently Devender has been assisting North and South Americans with travel to India with his private company - Amazing India Holidays Pvt. Ltd.

    Direct Contact Details:
    Farm No. 2,
    Kapashera Estate,
    Village & P.O.Kapashera,
    New Delhi 110037

    Direct Phone: 9717 290

    Mukesh Manra
    21 years experience

    Born and brought up in a cosmopolitan city - Delhi, India. The passion for travel came to me or rather say inculcated in me at a very early age. My father, being a civil servant with ministry of external affairs, I travelled a lot with him, seeing different countries, places and meeting people from different cultures. As I grew up the frequency of travel reduced, school and college took more prominent place in my life, but my love for travel was ever growing. India being such a vast and versatile country, there is always an element of beauty, interest and surprises in whatever you do. The breath taking scenery and the stunning landscape would blow your mind off. I began my journey in Tourism industry in 1994 and from beginning I felt I was born to do this only, 21 years have passed with a blink of an eye, but my desire and determination to give a perfect holiday to the guests have further strengthened and will remain eternal.

    Direct Contact Details:
    108 G, Anupam Apartments M.B.Road,Saket,
    New Delhi 110068
    Tel: 9899 734 208

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